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30rd National Chemistry Congress Was Held in Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus

30rd National Chemistry Congress, hosted by Marmara University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Chemistry, was held in Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus on November 5-8, 2018.


With the slogan of “Chemistry in Everywhere” and aiming to emhpasize that all the fields of our life are affected by chemistry  and  all scientifical and applied studies hava a positive contributions on the sectoral and technological development, the congress was attended by a lot of chemistry specialists who obtained achievement in their field. Head of Chemistry Department of Marmara University, Prof. Dr. Nilhan Kayaman Apohan, pointing out they, as Marmara University,  organized the 30rd National Chemistry Congress in the Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus, said :” Today, renewable energy resources have replaced fossil fuels. One of the main goal of this congress is to share knowledge about how the  energy are recovered by the chemical ways and the storage of those energies”.

Turkey Chemistry Associaton Prof. Dr. Bahattin Yalçın indicated : “ We organized a congress related  to developments occured in our country. In this congress, we have distinguished scientists and perhaps speakers who can able to get the second Nobel Prize in our country. Because we are on the road with the slogan of “Chemistry in Everywhere”, we must deal with all subjects. Our main target is to cause the people to be loved the chemistry and to take our country forward in the chemistry field by establishing a cooperation between universities and industry. The first sector is the automotive while the chemistry is the second place from the point of view of exportation.”

TOBB Chemistry Industry Speaker Timur Erk said “There is a good development that chemistry industry has taken the second place in our exports by surpassing the ready to wear clothing sector. But unfortunalety we are the first having  the most  unbalanced budget with 35 billion dollars foreign trade deficit. So we need to meet this 35 billion dollars budget deficit. Therefore, we need high added value productions which are also using the mesoscale technology immediately”.


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