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Innovation Cooperation between Doğa Koleji and Marmara University

Marmara University Innovation, Technology Transfer Application and Research Center (MITTO) and Doğa Koleji signed R&D Cooperation and Mentorism Framework Agreement.


Marmara University of Turkey's leading universities and in Turkey the first, in the Europe the second largest chain of schools Doğa Koleji took an important step towards future by signing a major contract. The R&D association agreement between Marmara University Innovation, Technology Transfer Application and Research Center (MITTO) and Doğa Koleji established a bridge between two important educational institutions. Doga Koleji senior managers and Marmara University administrators and academicians was present at the meeting, Ali Rıza Lule General Director of Doğa Koleji and Vice Rector of Marmara University Prof. Mehmet Akalın PhD signed the contract.

With this agreement realized with MITTO, while many projects  arouse, support will be given to the students to work by giving support among institutions.

Mutually; staff and students will organize seminars. When joint R&D works are being carried out, two important educational institutions will support each other's projects.At the meeting; it was decided to initiate the activities of the students to plan the educational curriculum for today's technological development and initiatives and to carry out activities titled Education of the trainers.

Ali Rıza Lule, General Manager of Doğa Koleji, underlined that this agreement with MITTO had great importance while indicating the number of Science and Technology High Schools would increase. Lule said that Doğa Koleji, which is mentioned about its academic achievements, will continue its success with the university association without slowing down. Lule said, "The fact that two mutual institutions support each other and act in the light of science is an important point in contemporary education." .

What Institutions Will Win With the R&D and Mentoring Convention?

Marmara University and College of Natural significant contribution to our society institutions with R&D agreements will provide, the education system in Turkey will continue to grow an integrated generation gained many benefits to the world.

By contract;

- The graduation thesis of a student who is studying in university can be done on Nature and R &

- The research project, which can develop joint projects or emerge at the university, can be conducted together with Doğa Koleji,

- Marmara University and Doğa College can participate together with important projects (TUBITAK, TEYBED, SANTEZ etc.)

- Doğa Koleji expert staff will give seminars to universities, Marmara University academicians will organize seminars for Doğa Koleji,

- Marmara University students will be able to do internship in Doğa in case of availability,

- Symposiums on scientific, technological and technical developments will be organized,

- R & D centers can be used mutually.


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