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Orientation Meeting for MEB Scholars

Orientation meeting for MEB scholars, studying English in the School of Foreign Languages ,was held on April 10,2018 at the Institution Building Conference Hall.


The scholarship group that will be sent abroad under the law no. 1416 in order to receive post-graduate education on behalf of the Ministry of National Education has begun foreign language education in our university. Director of Foreign Languages College Prof. Harun Duman PhD, Deputy Director Prof. Mahmut Tekçe PhD and MEB YLSY English Education Coordinator Inst. Işıl Silahtaroğlu participated in the meeting.The university was introduced and scholarship students were informed about the education they would receive . This activity made at several major universities throughout Turkey, the most populous group chose the Marmara University School of Foreign Languages. After completing their education at the university, the scholarship students will go abroad and make their masters and doctorate in different fields and they will continue to work at different universities and government institutions when they return.


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