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Politics and Dİplomacy School Has Begun

Politics and Diplomacy School has begun, which is first-time carried out with the cooperation of Marmara Univercity Career Center, Faculty of Political Science and MÜSEM.


Mainly associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and graduated students and people, who came from abroad, have joined the program and there were approximately 140 people.

First lecture about “Politics Life from Ottoman to the Moment” was given by Prof.Süleyman Beyoğlu PhD. In the lecture, the terms like government, administration and politics meaning at Ottoman and the main features of substantial classes were well explained chronologically according to modern-day administration perspectives by the implementation between differences and similarities comparing to those time.

Second lecture; "Turkey-Middle East Relations and Politics"  was given by Prof. Cengiz Tomar. From a historical point of view, the session,consisting of the topics such as states of the Middle East, political structures, especially the regional projections and strategies of Europe and America, and the current politics of the Arab world, together with visually detailed information, came to an end with questions and answers from the participants.

The main aim of the program is to inform participants about Turkey's political history, its relations with other countries,political national and international situations, relationships and related matters with diplomacy and professions as well as supporting individuals who are  conscious of  international relations, political relations issues and who understand the importance of the ways of diplomatic channels.İt also aims to support the training of individuals,aiming to create added- value to Turkey's political, economic, social and cultural development,to be leaders in these areas.

The program,including Turkey's Government Structure,Political Thought and Diplomatic History, Turkey's Cultural and Artistic Structure, Turkey-Cyprus relations, Turkey's Environment and Urban Policy, Democratization Process in Turkey, lobbying and Volunteerism Practices in Turkey and the world, International Security Strategy, Terror and Cyber Security, International Political Economy, Migration and Minority Politics in Turkey, Social Structure and Gender in Turkey, International Law, Politics and Diplomacy Leadership Skills and Competency, Turkish Foreign Policy and Current Approaches, International Relations Theory, Turkey’s health policy with Global Perspective, Role of Media in Turkish Political Life ,Turkey and World Energy Policies , Turkey - Middle East Relations and Policies, world Economic Conjuncture and Adding Value, Global Perspective Education Policies in Turkey, relations with the EU and Turkey's EU Policy, Turkey Eurasia Relations, American Foreign Policy, will end on May 23,2018.


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