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“Rethinking of Akif in Turkey of 2017”

The panel entitled “Rethinking of Akif in Turkey of 2017” was held by our university department of Turkish Language and Literature and Department of History in the Arts and Sciences Faculty of Conference Hall on March 22, 2017 due to 96th Anniversary of the Independence Anthem and 81st anniversary of our national poet’s passing away.


After one minute’s silence for our martyrs and singing the National Anthem, Vice Dean Prof. Kemalettin Kuzucu made a speech. After he celebrated the Newroz Festival, he said that this national day will help to increase the number of social activities within the faculty with the excitement and plenteousness of the day.

The Department of History academician Assoc. Prof. Ali Satan chaired the panel. One of spokesperson Prof. Sema Uğurcan said that Mehmet Akif is a poet who unites values such as morals, virtue and merit with populism. Assoc. Prof. Ş. Can Erdem emphasized how Mehmet Akif maintained a stand against imperialism and his support to National Campaign and Mustafa Kemal. Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Güneş shared Rasim Özdenören’s thoughts on Akif while Assist. Prof. Ali Karaca mentioned the history and sociological environment where Mehmet Akif grew and how those formed our national poet’s intellectual world. 


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