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Volunteering and Awareness Seminar

Volunteering and Awareness Seminar was held by Marmara LÖSEV Club on March 2, 2018 in Dr. İbrahim Üzümcü Conference Hall.


Üstün Ezer Phd, Can Üstündağ, psychologist Aysen Zorer have attended as lecturers  the seminar in an attempt to inform people about the establishment and date of LÖSEV, create awareness about all types of cancer, espacially leucemia, gain volunteering spirit to its participants, impress a needed awareness upon university students, throw together people pulled through the leucemia cancer and participants. The founder of LÖSEV and chairman of the board Üstün Ezer Phd., has informed us about the past, presend and future of LÖSEV and made a talk titled as “What is Leukemia and the Fight against Cancer?” Can Üstündağ, who has pulled through the leucemia cancer twice, has sympathised his life story. Psychologist Aysen Zorer has informed the audience with his interactive talk on “Effective Volunteering and Team Work”.

Marmara LÖSEV Club was founded on March 29, 2017 with the efforts of LÖSEV volunteers. It is a club that aims to give information about all kinds of cancer especially leucemia, to the university students and to impress an awareness upon them that it is a treatable disease. The activities have been made by them to tell about the importance of issues as bone marrow, blood and organ donations, the hygiene issues that should be considered in the approach to the patients, how the behaviors and attitudes should necessarily be not to affect them pshychologically negative, and what can be done in this regard. The seminar is an Marmara LÖSEV organization aiming to inform the participant about voluntering and LÖSEV and create awareness about all types of cancer, especially leucemia.


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