Sports Science and Athlete Health

The aims and duties of the centre are as below:

The centre carries out research into problems that are met in Turkey in the field of Sports science and athlete health, as well as providing financial and scientific sources for those who want to carry out research. The centre arranges activities for healthy living and nutrition for every age group, acting as advisors towards developing sport performances of professional and amateur athletes and makes suggestions for the same.

The centre develops social and sport rehabilitation programmes for special groups and physically and/or mentally challenged individuals, impolements them and provides equipment support to the same end. More than treating sports injuries, the centre is active in preventing sports, and to support injured athletes in their return to sport, presents health services to regional athletes and gives education on health services, as well as giving advisory services in the aforementioned areas as needed.

Dr.Mustafa KARAHAN

Dr.Birol ÇOTUK 
Dr.Mustafa ASLAN

0216 325 45 82/443 
0216 325 45 82 (fax)

M.U.Anadolu Hisarı Campus, Cuma Yolu Cad. Anadolu Hisarı Beykoz Istanbul


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