Faculty of Economics

Dean: Prof. Dr. Şahamet Bülbül

Web Page : http://ikf.marmara.edu.tr

The historical past of the Economics Faculty stretches back to the Hamidiye Ticaret Mekteb-i Alisi and gave education with different names in both the Ottoman and the Republican periods. In 1982 the faculty was affiliated with Marmara University as the Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty. In 2012 the Economics and Administrative Sciences Faculty was divided into three different faculties, and the Economics Faculty, which includes 5 departments, with 9 programmes in the language of Turkish and English, is  carrying out its education-training activities at the Göztepe Campus.

  • Working Econmics and Industrial Relations
  • Econometry
  • Econmics
  • Economics (English)
  • Finances

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