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Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods Symposium

The "Alternative Dispute Resolution Routes" symposium was held on December 14,2017 at the Marmara University Faculty of Law . Supreme Court Criminal General Chairman Abdülhalik Yildiz, Chief Public Prosecutor Mehmet Karaca, Rector Prof. M. Emin Arat PhD and heads of criminal and law offices participated in the symposium.


Rector of the Marmara University, who delivered the opening speech of the symposium, Prof. M. Emin Arat PhD said;"Mediation and reconciliation as alternative dispute resolution solutions have a very important place in our legal system in terms of both resolving disputes quickly and reducing the workload of disinclination. It offers important services to public peace and reconciliation.’’

Faculty of Law Prof. Talat Canbolat PhD stated that the mediation system became compulsory as a condition in the labor law that will go into effect on 1 January;"It is compulsory to mediate between the workers and the employers before going to the courts for the cases, otherwise the courts will reject these cases in the absence of the trial conditions. The court is not closing. The duration of the mediation will be extended for only 3 weeks, in case of necessity for another week. If it’s not concluded,it will go to jurisdiction ". Due to  the workload of judgement, indicating that mediation has a great importance in reducing the workload, Canbolat said," Mediation seems to be a fair and just solution. We see that the parties who come to the court have broken out of their relations for the future. But if they come out in handshake in mediation, I believe that both sides will be happy, based on the interest for the future. "

Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor Mehmet Karaca stated that to be a good lawyer, the will of the human being must be free, saying: "Waiting for everything from the judiciary to solve it in the judiciary does not seem possible under this workload. In labor disputes in business courts, forced mediation was introduced by law in business cases. Regarding this, we are still working in our ministry. We will see in the future that the methods of reconciliation of the mediator will expand further into our legal system ".

Plaques were presented to the speaker of the symposium by M. Emin Arat PhD.


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