Bionanotechnology High School Winter School Has Began

The first of the Bionanotechnology High School Winter School Program, organized in collaboration with Marmara University Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application and Research Center and High School Coordinatorship, was organized between 20-22 January.

Guest students attended practical and theoretical lessons of the Nanotechnology laboratory for three days, such as "Mysterious World of Smart Drugs", "3D Printers" and "Scanning Electron Microscopy". Students who were invited to the winter school had pleasant moments with creative drama activity and orienteering competition taking place at Göztepe Campus.

TRT News reporter who came to Göztepe Campus to follow the courses attended by students, interviewed Assoc.Prof. Oğuzhan Gündüz, Director of  Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application and Research Center, and students. Expressing that young people should be more involved in scientific studies, Gündüz stated that they desire to raise Aziz Sancars of the future.

On the last day of Bionanotechnology High School Winter School,  Rector Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar accepted these students in his office

and said in his speech  "I am happy to see you at our university, I hope your education will continue at our university”. After, students were presented their certificate of participation by  Rector Erol Özvar, Prof.Dr.  Mustafa Kurt, Assoc. Prof. Oğuzhan Gündüz and Adem Yılmaz, Chair of THY Corporate Innovation and Projects. After collective photography, the 1st Bionanotechnology High School Winter School Program ended.