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Representatives of Turks Abroad and Related Communities Came Together at Marmara University

Education programme towards religious officials and tutorials coming from Balkans was held on April 10, 2019, under cover of Marmara Unversity, with the support of the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.


Lecturers from Marmara University and other universities gave education on Ottoman history, Turkey history, basic islamic sciences and current issues in the programme lasted for a week. The programme aiming to enhance qualified work force in the region was attended by the guests coming from Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia.

Abdullah Eren, Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities, emphasized the  relations of Turkey with its nearby geography and added their support to education will continue. In his speech, Rector talked about the economic and financial history of the Islamic world. Saying that modern economic system is defined as capitalism which means that a gap between rich and poor is at its highest level, Özvar talked about the impacts of the  economic developments on Islamic World. He said how muslim communities will apply an economic development programme within the modern economics system is the big question, as a result from the capitalism which Islamic communities faced with when they began to obtain their political freedoms in the first quarter of  twentieth century. 

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