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The excellent achievement of Marmara University Faculty of Technology

Marmara University is going ahead on the research by producing an artificial tissue by 3-D bio-printer and a small-scale artificial vein using Nanotechnology. The production of Nanotechnology which has one of the thinnest fiber mold worldwide with small-scale blood vessels was produced by Marmara University Faculty of Technology first.


The studies made on the health field with the rapid development of Nanotechnology is a source of hope for millions of people. While the new studies, which is rapidly progressive on the medical world, and the researchs on producing organ are keeping going, the studies in many bachelor’s, master, doctoral and international projects about the tissue and organ production Nanotechnology and 3-D Bio-printer in consequence of multidisciplinary studies in Advanced Nanomaterials Research Laboratory, department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Marmara University are also maintaining.

International 23 publishing, 1 patent application and many projests are held in the laboratory. It also has the projects made by the coordination of other national and international studies. The Study of Artificial Blood Vessels named as "Production of the Biomimetic Small Diameter Blood Vessels for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering" has published in 2017 by International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials magazine, which is contained within international famous publisher Taylor & Francis Group.

Producing the physiologically full functional, biocompatible and biodegradable small-scale blood vessels, which have one of the  thinnest nano-sized fiber structures, produced to date by using the Electro-bending method, which is a very important and popular method worldwide, and its characterisation have been presented on extent of study. Animal tests of artificial blood vessels, proven to be successful with cell tests, have also been made and their superior properties have been successfully introduced into the literature of medicine and materials science.

This unique research is also significant for our university as it is an example of a team work product. The contribution of the master’s degree students who have worked at every stage of it and the teachers who work in other parts of our university, which have enriched it with valuable contributions according to their fields of expertise, have helped it to be successful in the result. The contributions of valuable medical doctors and the communication with the reseachers and universities abroad on this study are definitely a considerable extent. This team, consisted different fields of expertise, has managed to achieve desired results after a period of more than two years.

The fact that this work has been carried out has been revealed by our country's intellectual engineers, our engineers and students who are engineering candidates, and the fact that they are the first and only thin nanofiber artificial veins produced in our country and that they have the thinnest fiber sizes produced in the world, the value given to knowledge and humanity; as a good result of intensive studies that our university has done.

We would like to congratulate Marmara University Faculty of Technology, Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Advanced Nanomaterials Research Laboratories  once again for their outstanding achievement.


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