Children Protection

Aim of the centre:

a. The centre aims to provide cooperation and coordination between the relevant departments within Marmara University School of Medicine; the main departments involved are pediatric health and diseases, pediatric surgery, pediatric psychiatry and forensic medicine. The centre provides an environment to identify, treat, protect and follow up on children who are in need of protection or who are being involved in crime; the centre also carries out the necessary implementations.

b. The centre works to protect children who apply to Marmara University Hospital, who are in need of protection or who are being involved in crime; the centre evaluates, identifies, treats, protects and follows up on these children.

Activities of the Centre:

a. To carry out the identification, treatment and follow up of children who are abused or neglected.

b. To carry out the necessary studies and evaluations to determine the criminal responsibility of children who have been involved in crime.

c. To carry out studies to identify the chronological age of children.

ç. To carry out guidance on producing the genetic background of a child and to work in cooperation with the relevant laboratories.

d. To carry out studies for keeping the records belonging to components which have applied to the centre in a standardized form and in one place and to create a data base and to establish communication with other children protection centres on this matter.

e. To cooperate with the relevant public institutions and NGOs for children who are in need of protection or who are involved in crime and to establish communication with other children protection centres.

f. In keeping with the aim of the institution;

1. To give education on the work done in the centre to academic staff, students, physicians and other health workers at the university; to arrange internal educational programmes and seminars.

2. To spread educational programs and to carry out educational studies that are aimed at increasing social awareness.

3. To develop programmes and projects, to encourage and support scientific research.

4. To provide advisory services.

5. To participate in domestic and foreign research projects, studies, courses, conferences, congresses, education and teaching programmes, to support and to arrange programmes on a national and international level.

g. To make printed, visual and electronic publications.


Dr. E. Tolga Dağlı (Director)

Dr. Mehmet Akif İnanıcı (Assistant Director)

Dr. Bülent Taner Karadağ

Dr. Ayşe Rodopman Arman

Dr. Nesime Yaycı

(216) 428 0250
(216) 325 7217 (fax)

Marmara University Hospital, Tophanelioğlu Cad. No: 13-15, 34662 Üsküdar ISTANBUL


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