Environmental Problems

The aim and duties of the center are as follow;

To carry out scientific, applicable and multi-disciplined research and studies that are concerned with environmental problems that affect the living environment. With the assistance of the researchers and experts that are employed at the centre, the environmental problems are determined and scientific and practical research is carried out to find a solution. Beneficial documents and works are collected for the work at the centre and are transformed into an archive and library. In order to determine the scientific methods concerned with environmental problems, the necessary research, laboratory studies, experiments, questionnaires and similar undertakings are carried out; these can be done in cooperation with other interested institutions or outside experts can be hired. Conferences are given by local and foreign experts and seminars. Connections with similar national and foreign institutions are established and cooperation with them is carried out. The necessary education opportunities are provided to train experts in the matter of environmental problems. Publications concerned with the aim and the duties are published. Scientific proposals and petitions are made for legal and administrative precautions to be taken.

Dr. Belgin Süsleyici Duman


0216 349 25 81
0216 349 25 81 (fax)

M.U.Science-Literature Faculty Göztepe Campus, 34722 Kadıköy, Istanbul.

WEB PAGE: http://csuam.marmara.edu.tr/en/

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