The aim and duties of the centre are as below;

To direct and manage basic and clinical research that will make a contribution to following current scientific developments in epilepsy, to gather data and come to conclusions, to support research on every level, to train personnel and scientists, to carry out studies working towards solving the health problems that are caused by epilepsy and to cooperate with other scientific institutions. The centre follows technological and scientific developments in medical science for epilepsy throughout the world, to support research projects and to carry out and conclude the same. The centre also researches the molecules that have a potential to be included in epilepsy treatment, and develops and implements studies to this end.

The centre secures research and development funds, and gives awards to those who provide education, including teaching and administrative staff, and others. The centre carries out cooperation with national and international institutions that carry out biological and clinical studies in epilepsy. The centre arranges scientific activities that are concerned with medical research and innovations in medicine, including conferences, seminars, congresses and symposiums and announces the attained results to the public and interested institutions. The centre participates in activities that are held to inform public institutions and private institutions and carries out all forms of research, publishing scientific reports, bulletins, projects, books, journals and similar works that support these studies. The centre, cooperating with the Ministry of Education to solve the health problems caused by epilepsy participates in education given to students and teachers in schools. The centre carries out official cooperation and advisory services. The centre carries out studies that are related to creating awareness in the public arena on the matter of epilepsy and scientific research. The centre trains technical medical staff and scientists. The centre assists in carrying out research and implementations primarily concerned with epilepsy and human health in order to raise the health standards of the country. The centre carries out the duties that have been given to it by the Rector of Marmara University in the matter of epilepsy.

Dr.Filiz ONAT


0 216 349 28 16

M.U.Medical Faculty, Tıbbiye Avenue. No:49 81326 Haydarpaşa, Istanbul.


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