Marmara University Marmara Family Medicine Education Application and Research Center


The aim of the Center:

The purpose of the establishment of MARAHEK-UYAM is to carry out the education of medical school students, family medicine specialiality residents and family physicians and other health personnel working in primary care; to conduct community based research; to create a field of education and practice that will contribute to the public health service provision of our University

Main Activity Subject:

The Center's activities are consistent with the educational programs offered at our University. Family physicians are the first point of reference for the primary health problems of our country. As stated in the field of core competencies of our Medical School, it is aimed to educate young physicians to be graduated from the School of Medicine with sufficient ability to manage these health problems.

In our Medical School, especially in the first three years, in the Introduction to Clinical Practice program; in the phase 2 program, which includes the 4th and 5th grades and carried out with a multidisciplinary approach and in the 6th grade Community Health Program, students have learning objectives for the health problems of the community and health practices.

In our country, there is a need for field-trained physicians to provide a strong primary health care service, which is the key point for solving problems such as high cost in the health system and lack of integration between different service levels. The center will make a significant contribution to this area as a model of excellence.

Administrative board:

Prof.Arzu UZUNER, MD, PhD (Director)

Prof.Pemra Cöbek ÜNALAN, MD, PhD (Vice director)

Prof.Saliha Serap ÇİFÇİLİ, MD (Vice director)

Prof.Mehmet AKMAN, MD, MPH

Assoc.Prof.M. Çiğdem Apaydın KAYA, MD, PhD

Doç.Dr. Hasibe KADIOĞLU, MD

Assoc.Prof.F.Esra GÜNEŞ, PhD

Address and Phone number:

Address: Marmara University Başıbüyük Campus. Maltepe Education Family Health Center. Başıbüyük district. Maltepe Başıbüyük Yolu Street. No: 9 Maltepe/İSTANBUL

Tel: 0216 421 22 17 (Health Center)

       0216 421 22 22-1197 (Medical School)

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