Urban Probs. and Local Govts.

The aims and the duties of the centre are as below;

The aim of the centre is to carry out activities directed towards supporting the development of democratic, transparent and participatory local administration and towards presenting public services in an effective way on the local level; to contribute to bringing our local administrators into a state that is in harmony with the EU regulations and implementations during the EU process; and to institutionalize the centre on a national level, transforming it into a regional centre. The centre arranges scientific and educational meetings, such as seminars, symposiums, congresses and conferences on subjects in the area. The centre carries out research, studies, implementations and development studies and projects in the matter of local administration. The center carries out joint research and studies with national and international persons and institutions and carries out an exchange of information. The centre determines publications that are concerned with local administration, forming a documentation centre, a specialized library for associate degree, degree and postgraduate students, as well as all those interested. The centre will carry out information exchange in the web environment in order to find books and articles. The centre will undertake activities to train qualified local administrators, and to develop information to do with local administration. Successful students will be given documents, certificates and scholarships. The centre will carry out research and studies in keeping with requests from local administrations, prepare projects and provide advisory services for project preparations. The centre will establish the necessary connections with public and private institutions and NGOs and will lead the way in the students’ participation in implementations.





0212 555 93 59/1206 
0212 575 64 76 (fax)

M.U. Rector’s Office 34413 Sultanahmet / Istanbul

WEB PAGE: http://keyem.marmara.edu.tr

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