Investigation Commission for Relative Evaluation System 

Members of the Investigation Commission for Relative Evaluation System 

Prof. Dr. Mahmut TEKÇE (Chair) - Lecturer of Faculty of Economics 

Assoc.Prof. Deniz İNAN (Member) - Lecturer of Faculty of Arts and Sciences 

Lect.Dr. Mustafa OTRAR - Lecturer of Ataturk Faculty of Education 

Scientifical Research Projects Commission

Scientifical Research Projects Commission (BAPKO):  In the name of carrying out the duties laid down in the purpose article, under the head of Rector or Vice Rector assigned by Rector, the commission is comprised of the Directors of the  Science, Health, Social and Education Science Institutes  and; assigned by rector and upon the proposal of Senate, seven instructors from  each of those fields and have a paper in the journals indexed in the international citation indexes. Member of the commission can be  reassigned in the end of the term of office. Commission members are assigned among all branches of science included in the university for four years. The member can be reassigned at the end of the term of office.  In the event that  members who are included in the commission due to their fundemental mission resigne their offices by any means, the missions of members expire by itself. 

Komisyon Üyeleri:

Prof. Dr. Ömer AKGİRAY                                  

Chair (Vice Rector)   

Assoc.Prof.Oğuzhan GÜNDÜZ

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Technology- Coordinator of BAP)

Prof. Dr. Kemal ATAMAN

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Theology)

Prof. Dr. Kemalettin KÖROĞLU

Member  (Lecturer of Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Murat ÇOKGEZEN

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Economics)

Prof. Dr. Bülent EKİCİ

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Engineering - Director of Inst. of Pure and Applied Sciences )

Assoc.Prof. Yusuf KAYNAK

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Technology)

Prof. Dr. Veysel GAZİ

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Engineering)

Prof. Dr. Ahmet ÖZEN

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine)

Prof. Dr. Yüksel PEKER

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine)

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ATMACA

Member (Lecturer of Faculty of Technology)



Bologna Coordination Commission

Commission Members:

Prof. Dr. Erol ÖZVAR (Rector) Chair of the Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Committee

(Vice Rector) Board Chair 

Prof. Dr. Murat DOĞRUEL Bologna Expert 

Prof. Dr. Mustafa KURT  Coordinator of AKTS/DE 

Prof. Dr. Bülent EKİCİ Member

Assoc.Prof. Faruk UÇAR Member 

Assoc.Prof. Mahmut TEKÇE Member

Assoc.Prof. Gül ÜSTÜN Member

Lect.Dr. İlyas KARTAL Member

Expert Hatice Gökçen ÖCAL ÖZKAYA Coordinator of Erasmus 

Özlem GÜNGÖR Head of Department of Student Affairs

Ufuk KARAKULLUKÇU Student Conseil President


Quality Commission

In compliance with the article 7 of the Regulation of the  Quality Control Assurance in Higher Education published in the Official Gazette dated July 23,2015 and numbered  29423, the Quality Commission of University established in accordance with the decision of the University's Senate Board is as follows: 

Members of the Quality Commission 

Prof. Dr. Erol ÖZVAR - Rector

Prof. Dr. Ömer AKGİRAY-  Vice Rector 

Murat ARISAL - General Secretary

Atıl DEMİRDAĞ - Head of Department of Strategy Development 

Assoc.Prof. Mehveş TARIM - Quality Coordinator 

Assoc.Prof. Faruk UÇAR - Distance Education Application and Research Center Manager

Prof. Dr. Hakan YILDIRIM - Dean of Faculty of Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Serap HELVACI - Dean of Faculty of Law

Prof. Dr. Ümit Süleyman ŞEHİRLİ - Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Dr. Cemalettin ŞAHİN -     Lecturer of Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Prof. Dr. Muzaffer DARTAN - Director of  European Research Institute  

Prof. Dr. Fikriye URAS - Lecturer of Faculty of Pharmacy 

Assoc.Prof. Ayşe Nuriye İŞGÖREN - Lecturer of Vocational School of Technical Sciences 

Assoc.Prof. Melisa E. KARABAY - Lecturer of School of Banking and Insurance 

Lect.Dr. Ali ÖZDEMİR - Lecturer of Ataturk Faculty of Education 

Furkan Cemal YILDIZ - Student Representative


M.U. Quality Commission Sub Advisory Committee Members:

Assoc.Prof. Sezgin ERSOY - Faculty of Technology -Lecturer

Assoc. Prof. Gülfem TUZKAYA -Faculty of Engineering -Lecturer

Lect.Dr. Yusuf ALPAYDIN -Ataturk Faculty of Education- Lecturer

Lect. Dr. İbrahim MAZLUM -Faculty of Political Sciences - Lecturer

Lect.Dr. İlker AKGÜN - Faculty of Business Administration -Lecturer 

Legislation Commission

Contact Address: Legal Consultancy - 0216 414 05 45/1119


Members of Legislation Commission 

(Chair)            Prof. Dr. Ömer AKGİRAY          

-Rektör Yardımcısı

(Member)        Prof. Dr. Mustafa KURT 

-Rektör Yardımcısı

(Member)        Prof. Dr. Serap HELVACI 

-Hukuk Fakültesi Dekanı

(Member)        Prof. Dr. Murat ALIŞKAN

-Hukuk Fakültesi Öğretim Üyesi

(Member)        Prof. Dr. Talat CANBOLAT 

-Hukuk Fakültesi Öğretim Üyesi

(Member)        Assoc.Prof. İlker ÖZTAŞ   

-Hukuk Fakültesi Öğretim Üyesi

(Member)        Assoc.Prof. Ercüment ÖZKARACA      

-Hukuk Fakültesi Öğretim Üyesi

(Member)        Lawyer  Yahya Kemal BALLI

-Hukuk Müşaviri


 Legislation Sub-Commission Members: 

Lect.Dr. Mehmet Özgür AVCI         

Lecturer of Faculty of Law

Lect.Dr. Gediz KOCABAŞ 

Lecturer of Faculty of Law



Legislation Commission

Department of Student Affairs is responsible for the issues on curriculum, directive, regulation, open and close program/department, academic calender, student quatos etc. and their decision. The related decisions are submitted to the Legislation Commission, Senate and Conseil of Higher Education and their results are followed. 


Members of Legislation Commission 

Prof. Dr. Mustafa KURT-  Chair (Vice Rector)

Prof. Dr. Ümit Süleyman ŞEHİRLİ- Member  (Faculty of Medicine)

Prof. Dr. Bedia KAYMAKÇIOĞLU- Member (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Prof. Dr. M.Gülden POLAT- Member (Faculty of Health Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Gülgün TINAZ- Member  (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Prof. Dr. Beril DURMUŞ-Member (Faculty of Business Administration)

Prof. Dr. İclal ATİLLA- Member (Vocational School of Social Scinces)

Prof. Dr. Fatma AYANOĞLU ŞİŞMAN-Member  (Faculty of Business Administration)

Prof. Dr. Kemal YILDIZ- Member(Faculty of Theology)

Prof. Dr. Seyfi KENAN-Member (Ataturk Faculty of Education)

Prof. Dr. Bahattin YALÇIN-Member(Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

Prof. Dr. Yahya BOZKURT-Member(Faculty of Technology)

Assoc.Prof. S. Erdal DİNÇER-Member (Faculty of Economics)

Assoc.Prof. Muhammed ABAY-Member(Faculty of Theology)

Assoc.Prof. Murat ULUSKAN-Member (Faculty of Arts and Ssciences)

Assoc.Prof. Gül ÜSTÜN-Member (Faculty of Law)

Assoc.Prof. Elif SOYER-Member (Faculty of Engineering)


MÜYOS Commission:

Commission members of "Marmara University Entrance Examination for Student from Abroad" are as follows:  

Prof. Dr. Mustafa KURT - Vice Rector  (Chair)

Assoc.Prof. Özgür ÇATIKKAŞ - Director of School of Banking and Insurance (Vice Chair)

Prof. Dr. Nuri TINAZ -  Coordinator of International Office (Exam Coordinator)

Assoc.Prof. Faruk UÇAR -  Advisor to Rector (Exam Coordinator)

Lect.Dr. Mustafa OTRAR - Lecturer of Ataturk Faculty of Education (Chair of Assesment and Evaluation)

Prof. Dr. Şahamet BÜLBÜL - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics (Member)

Prof. Dr. Turan YILDIRIM -Lecturer of Faculty of Law (Member)

Özlem GÜNGÖR - Head of the Department of Student Affairs (Reporter)

Head of the Department of Information Technologies 


Commission of Inquiry Into Students: (Related to the student collective action occured inside or outside of our university's campuses.)

(Chair) -Vice Rector 

Assoc.Prof. Murat Yusuf AKIN (Member) - Lecturer of Faculty of Law

Lect. Dr. Cem ÖZAKHUN (Member) - Lecturer of School of Applied Sciences

Özlem GÜNGÖR (Reporter) - Head of Department of Student Affairs


UYGAR(Marmara University Research and Implementation Centres)  Commisson:



Prof.Dr Neşet KADIRGAN- (Member)

Prof.Dr Nesrin ÖZER- (Member)

Prof.Dr F. Gülruh GÜRBÜZ -(Member)

Prof.Dr. Turan YILDIRIM -(Member)

Prof. Dr. Muzaffer DARTAN- (Executive Coordinator)


Publication Commission 

Marmara University's Publishing House has carried out the works on giving permission for the publications requested by academic and administrative staff; and printing, distribution and sale works of those publications. Print, electronic and other formats of the scientifical publications, symposium papers, publications approved by the committee to print and publish, books to be used in the lesson, duplications and supplementary textbooks, books requested by the University to publish although not serving as a textbook and universty's magazines, newsletters and faculties and other units' magazines are covered by the Directive of Marmara University Publishing.  


Prof.Dr.Ömer AKGİRAY - (Chair) - Vice Rector 

Prof. Dr. Sebahat DENİZ - (Member) - Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences 

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şükrü ÖZDEMİR(Member) - Dean of Ataturk Faculty of Education


Members of Investigation Commission in Complicance with the Article 58(k) of the Law Numbered 2547

To examine the applications for the projects and activities which are going to be evaluated in accordance with the article 37 of the law numbered 2547 and within the scope of the clause (k) added to article 58 of the  higher education law numbered 2547 and the article 5 of the law related to making amendment in the certain law and decree law, and pursuant  to 6676 numbered law on Supporting of the  Research and development activities, the chair and members of the commission whose names are listed below were approved by rector. 



Prof.Dr.Ömer AKGİRAY                                

Vice Rector


Prof.Dr.Hasan ERDAL

Dean of Faculty of Technology


Prof.Dr.Serap HELVACI

Dean of Faculty of Law



Director of MITTO


Lect.Dr. Nazmi EKREN

Lecturer of Faculty of Technology

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