Ataturk Faculty of Education

Dean: Prof. Dr. Ramazan Özey

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One of the oldest schools in Turkey the roots of the Atatürk Education Faculty date back to the Dârülmuallimîn-i Rüşdî, which was established in 1848. It was active under different names throughout history and in 1982 was affiliated with Marmara University as the Ataturk Education Faculty.  Pre-school teachers, primary and secondary teachers are trained in the faculty and there is also a Pre School Implementation Unit. The language of instruction is Turkish in the faculty, while in the Foreign Language Education Department the language of instruction is the relevant language. In the faculty, there are 9 different departments with 22 programmes carrying out training and education. 

  • Computer and Instructive Technology Teacher
  • Educational Sciences
  • Fine Arts Sciences
  • Primary School
  • Secondary Education Social Education
  • Secondary Education Science and Mathematics Education
  • Private Education
  • Turkish Education
  • Foreign Languages Education

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