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A Presentation of Floorball Was Made at Faculty of Sports Sciences

Informing presentation of how to play Floorball sport, expected to take place at the 2020 Olympic Games, was held on March 1, 2018 at the Faculty of Sports Sciences of our university.


Floorball is a rare sport which men and women can play together. The presentation of a fun team game floorball, played with five players and one keeper in total of 6 people on 20x40 field, every type of the grounds, not included violence and not allowed shoulder to shoulder challenges, has been made by the Sports Science Faculty Floorball Representative of Turkey Cem Tarman. He said that they saw our faculty as a most important constituent of its presentation meetings, made to popularize it in Turkey-wide. They are sure that our faculty, which is prioneer at every sport branch, will also train champions as soon as possible in that branch. That is why they give a special importance to our faculty.

Floorball: The field size can be changed depending on the number of players when it is played for fun. As a general preference, it can conveniently be played in sports halls and outdoor or indoor basketball courts. Besides these, there are many open field floorball tournaments abroad. Synthetic pitches or underground car parks, school gardens can easily be transformed into a field of floorball. Some of the most significant advantages are that it is a very easy sport to start, does not require special talents, has very suitable material prices and the speed of the game. Women, men and children can play against each other or in the same team when it is played for fun. 


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