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Climate Change Seminar

The climate change seminar organized by the Department of Environmental Engineering of our university was held on February 28,2018 in the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.


Participated in seminar as speaker,Dr. Deniz Bozkurt made a presentation of the study on climate change. She said;"In this study, the temperature record of Antarctica was measured at Esperanza station on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula on March 24, 2015. The temperature record was 17.5 degrees and this work was done with station data, satellite images, reanalys data, and model simulation. MODIS Antarctica data clearly demonstrate the disintegration of sea ice after the temperature record and the melt ponds formed on the surface of the ice basin .This provide a deep low pressure center on the Amundsen-Bellingshausen Sea and a high pressure center in the southeast Pacific and favorable conditions for the development of an northwest-southeast oriented atmospheric river.  For this reason hot and humid air was directed towards the Antarctic Peninsula and triggered a widespread föhn event.According to the model simulations ,more than half of the warming in Esperanza is caused by the föhn effect(a local process) rather than large- scale hot air stream.


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