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Discrimination against Muslims in France: 2015/2016 Monitoring Report

Discrimination against Muslims in France: Introduction meeting of the Monitoring Report 2015/2016 On December 19, was held at Dr. İbrahim Üzümcü Conference Hall.


Our Rector Prof. M. Emin Arat PhD, Chief Advisor of the President Saadet Oruç, Member of Parliament of the AK Party Adana, Professor at the University, Talip Kucukcan PhD, Journalist Writer Fuat Ugur, Consul General in France Bertrand Buchwalter, General Secretary Assoc. Dr. Professor Mehmet Ersoy, Dean of the Faculty of Theology Prof.Ali Köse PhD and academicians and students from our university participated in the introduction meeting,held  under the coordinatorship of Head of Department of Sociology,Director of Office of International Relations and Academic Cooperation, SETA Researcher Prof. Dr. Nuri Tınaz PhD and consisting of Prof. Ömer Say PhD, Assoc.Prof Taşkın Dirsehan, Asst. Assoc.  Melih Çoban PhD, Res. Asst. Meltem Çelik Dirsehan, PhD student at Paris-I Sorbonne University Semra Meral, Galatasaray University PhD student Yener Yilmaz, University of Strasbourg PhD student Ali Arslaner and French translator Ayşe Meral. After the opening speech of Prof.M. Emin Arat, Prof. Dr. Nuri Tınaz made a presentation of the findings obtained with the report. After the presentation, speakers have evaluated the rights violations against Muslims and immigrants who have been living in France and Europe recently  under the moderation of Prof.Talip Kücükcan PhD.  


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