Three Awards to ESN Marmara

ESN Marmara was awarded three awards at the Staraward Ceremony, in which the bests of the 2018 and 2019  years were selected at the National Platform and held on May 3-5, 2019 in İzmir. These awards are; Event Star first prize:Best event award of the year with CityGame event; Media Star award:Second prize with ESN Marmara Social Networks;  SeCo Star award: second prize with Cappadocia trip organized with ESN ITU, ESN YILDIZ, ESN Bahçeşehir and ESN Altınbaş branches.  

The ESN (Erasmus Student Network) is the largest student community in Europe, based in Belgium. It supports Erasmus + and mobility programs and works with more than 1000 higher education institutions in 39 countries. With 40 Higher Education Institutions from Turkey,  ESN Marmara contributes to the development of the Erasmus + program. The purpose of ESN Marmara is to help the exchange students who are visiting our university to spend their time in the best way. For this purpose, it organizes activities such as the introduction of Turkish culture and traditional eating habits, organizing trips to the historical and touristic regions of our country and organizing various social activities in order to enable exchange students to fuse with each other. It promotes the visibility and recognition of Marmara University by representing our university in international and national meetings under the auspices of the Office of International Relations and Academic Cooperation. Finally, it represented the ESN Marmara in the Turkish Delegation of 50 people at an annual general meeting held on 18-22 April in Thessaloniki with the participation of 800 people from 529 ESN branches in 39 countries.