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Two Instructors Appointed as Members of the Tax Council

Professor of Finance at the University of Economics Faculty of Economics Prof. Gülay Akgül Yılmaz PhD and Assist. Assoc. A. Bumin Doğrusöz PhD have been appointed by the Council Presidency and the President of the Ministry of Finance Naci Ağbal on January 18,2018 as per Article 33 / A of the Decree Law No. 178 on Organization and Duties of the Ministry of Finance and as a permanent committee connected to the Ministry of Finance in order to prepare the drafts regarding the changes to be made, give opinions about the formation and application of tax policies and to make studies in this new period in which the Tax Council will focus particularly on the fight against the informal economy, value added tax, income and corporate taxation and the renewal of tax procedural laws. We wish our lecturers success in this new period.


Appointed to the Council membership, Prof.Gülay Akgül Yilmaz, Vice President of Finance perform the task of Presidency of the Budget and Financial Planning Department . Having been the member of Academic Advisory Board "Unregistered Increasing Administrative Capacity of Struggle and Revenue Administration Economy Technical Assistance Project" funded by Republic of Turkey and the European Union,She executed some tax investigations by the Revenue Administration in the framework of the Strategy for Action against the Informal Economy and participated in the workshops. In the past, she was a member of the EU Compliance Commission of the Turkish Tax System established in TOBB. She wrote the books titled;’’Unregistered Economy and Solutions’’, ‘’Social State and Social Expenditures’’ and ‘’The Dept Spiral in Turkey’’. She also has studies,articles and papers on the public sector financing, tax theory and policy, budget and debt issues.

Having been appointed to the Tax Council Membership for the 4th time Ass. Assoc. A. Bumin Doğrusöz PhD has also served in the taxation committees of the Five-Year Development Plans established by the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Economy in the past, and he is still a member of the VEHUP Tax Legislation Platform Executive Committee and the TOBB Tax Advisory Board. He has boks titled; ‘’ Withholding in Turkish Tax System’’,’’ Basic Tax Legislation With Resources’’, ‘’Tax Reform’’,’’Institutions Tax Law Gloss’’,’’Justified and Comparative Turkish Commercial Code’’ and various legislative compilations and over a hundred professional articles.


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