Continuing Education Centre

MÜSEM, which was established in 2000 and started to operate in 2002, is the unit that arranges, implements and coordinates education programmes at the university that offer services to the public outside of the university's undergraduate and graduate programmes.

In addition to formal associate degree, degree and postgraduate programmes, MÜSEM contributes to the arrangement of education programmes and cooperation with the public/private sector and international institutions. In addition to this, while providing education MÜSEM ensures the necessary knowledge and skills to unite theoretic education and practical education are provided.

MÜSEM provides coordination between the public and private sector and international institutions and individuals in the necessary areas on a national and international level, and organizes education programmes, courses, seminars and conferences, and promotes the university in this area.


Areas in which MÜSEM is active: 

  • Requesting academic evaluation, projects, research and similar services from individuals and institutions that are not part of a higher education institution.
  • Carrying out education programmes concerned with the fine arts, scripts, productions, theatre, film, video, slides, photographs, advertising, blue prints, exhibitions, trade shows and restorations and to prepare reports on the same.
  • To carry out every type of service concerned with inspection, experiment, analysis, surgery, measurement, inspection, treatment,  nursing, patient care and production of clinics, polyclinics, operating theatres, laboratories and studios; opening and operating functioning pharmacies in health facilities  and arranging education programmes for health sciences
  • To carry out analysis and consultation in physical, chemical, biological, microbiological, toxicological, pollution and human health and to prepare reports concerned with this,
  • To carry out quality control services for design, modeling, inspection, printing, textile and mechanical experiments concerned with technical sciences and every type of care-repair for mechanical, electrical and electronic machines and equipment, to carry out projects and production and to prepare reports concerned with this and to carry out reports and educational programmes,

Educational Programmes Opened with Cooperation with MÜSEM

InstituteEducation Programme20102011
Number of PeopleNumber of People

Ministry of Education

Foreign PhD Students with Scholarships



Higher Education Council

Pedagogical Formation



Higher Education Council

Academic Staff Training Programme




Vocational Education



  • To arrange and organize seminars and educational programmes and competitions in the field of physical education, sports and training, and to operate sports facilities to this end, to carry out educational programmes concerned with tourism and hotel management and to operate facilities to his end.
  • To carry out the functions and services concerned with social sciences, feasibility studies, project evaluation and development, education-training seminars, congresses, conferences, symposiums, business organisations, legal consultation, legal opinion, foreign languages, translation, information management and other education programmes concerned with the social sciences and to make publications on this matter.
  • The names of the programmes that MÜSEM opened in 2011 alone are as follows: Use of Experimental Animals,  ALES, ÜDS, Music Courses, General Legal Courses, Basic Medical Education Courses, Foreign Language Courses, Sports Courses, Writing Academic Articles Course, Video and Effects Course.

MÜSEM is an institute that has achieved significant success in foreign language education. In fact, students who are sent abroad by the Higher Education Council and the Ministry of Education are taught foreign languages at MÜSEM. For example, in 2010 and 2011 the Ministry of Education sent a total of 125 students, while the Higher Education Council sent 100 students for foreign language education at MÜSEM. In addition, in this period a total of 900 students underwent pedagogic formation at MÜSEM and 450 students took vocational education courses.

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