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Brachytherapy Symposium

Brachytherapy Symposium held in Marmara University Istanbul Pendik Education Research Hospital.


Brachytherapy is an important part of the treatment of cancer types,A  large number of experts from universities and centers throughout the country has gathered at the Brachytherapy symposium at which recent developments and innovations were discussed.

Brachytherapy has a history of 120 years, based on the direct placement of radiation sources near or into the cancerous tissue. Brachytherapy, which can be applied alone or in combination with other radiotherapy methods, achieves higher success in individual applications with the development of modern imaging methods and techniques. In this sense, the symposium brought together experts from the universities and centers of the whole country on brachytherapy, which is an important part of the treatment of different types of cancer, especially the cervical cancer.The latest developments and innovations were contextualised  in a comprehensive way.

Kiel Christian ,attending the meeting   Albrechts University, Germany Assoc.Prof. Razvan Galilae has also gave information on the standards and innovations of image-guided brachytherapy applications that are becoming increasingly common in our country. Participants shared their experience by taking the latest situation in the world literature on breast cancer, prostate cancer and uterine cancer, which are other applications in the interactive symposium. The symposium emphasized that brachytherapy could take place as a minor in Radiation Oncology, and the need for trained staff and reference centers was underlined.

The symposium led by Turkish Radiation Oncology Association (TROD) Gynecologic Oncology Sub-Group President Prof.Dr.Ferah Yıldız and Prof. Dr.Işık Aslay,  was hosted by Marmara University Medical School Radiation Oncology Department. Istanbul Oncology Institute Assoc. Dr. Seden Küçücük, Prof. Dr. Gönül Kemikler, Prof. Dr. Gülgün Engin, Professor from Acıbadem University. Dr. Enis Özyar, Exp. Phys. Öznur Şenkesen, Specialist from Anadolu Health Center. Phys. Nadir Küçük, Professor from Dokuz Eylül University. Dr. Ayşenur Demiral, Hacettepe University Assoc. Prof.Dr.Melis Güntekin, Assoc. Prof. of Kocaeli University Dr. Binnaz Sarper, Professor from Ege University. Dr. Zeynep Özsaran, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yasemin Bolukbasi and Marmara University Exp. Dr. İlknur Alsan Çetin participated as speakers in the symposium.


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