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General View of Turkish Insurance and Private Pension Sector Conference

The General Conference of the Turkish Insurance and Private Pension Sector was held on 18.10.2017 by the School of Banking and Insurance of Marmara University.


General Director of the Insurance Department of the Undersecretariat of Treasury N. Şerif Çakırsoy participated as a speaker in the conference held at the Theology Faculty Dr.  Raşit Küçük Conference Hall.Director of Banking and Insurance Higher School Dr.N. Şerif Çakırsoy gave information on the past and the future of the industry at the conference which started with the presentation of Prof.Özgür Çatıkkaş PhD. Dr. Çakırsoy emphasized that the government is in serious expectation of automatic participation in the private pension system. "It is always a negative system.When we look at the number of participants in this process, it is almost 50% of the total BES participants. Funding for auto attendance is almost 70% of BES. If we can offer them as savings agents, they can reach a serious fund size, "he said and continued;’’ Regarding the topic of under 18-year-old system in BES, we can see that it is not possible for a juvenile entering the system at the age of 16 and stay in the system for 40 years. We are working in this direction. At OKS everyone is looking at the empty side of the cup. In fact, we put in the system in 10 months the number of participants that was provided in BES for a long time. This is a success. The second pension we really need to make is the income. We have to focus on that. As of the end of 2016, 58 thousand people have retired from the PES but the number of people remaining in the system with the second pension, namely income insurance, is around 110. We have to focus on this side of the business, "he said. The conference ended after the question and answer session.


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