There are four schools in Marmara University, with a total of 11 different departments. The names and departments of the schools are listed below in alphabetical order.

School of Banking and Insurance

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The language of instruction in the Banking and Insurance School, established in 1995, is Turkish. There are four departments, Actuary, Banking, Capital Markets, and Insurance, in the school.

School of Physical Education and Sports

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The Istanbul Atatürk Higher Teaching School, Physical Education Department was established in 1967 and in 1975 was joined to the Anadoluhisarı Youth and Sports Academy to form the Physical Education and Sports Department; it was under this name that the school joined Marmara University, Atatürk Education Faculty in 1982. The school became the Physical Education and Sports School in 1992; the language of education is Turkish. There are 3 departments in the school, Trainer, Physical Education and Sports Teacher and Sport Administration.

School of Jewelry Technology and Design

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The Jewelry Technology and Design School was established in 2009; the language of education is Turkish. The Jewelry Design Department is within this school.

School of Foreign Languages

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The Istanbul Foreign Language School was affiliated with Marmara University in 1982 as the Foreign Language Department. In 2006 the school became known as the Foreign Language School. There are 3 departments in the school, German, French and English.

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