Vocational Schools

There are 5 vocational schools currently operating in Marmara University at the present time. There are 47 departments/prorammes in the vocational schools, 27 in daytime education, 20 in evening education.

Vocational School of Justice

Web Page : http://adalet.marmara.edu.tr

The Justice Vocational School, established in 2010 as part of the Law Faculty, trains assistant personnel for judges and public prosecutors. The language of education is Turkish, and the school has a Justice Department.

Vocational School of Health Services

Web Page : http://shmyo.marmara.edu.tr

The Health Services Vocational School, established in 1990 provides education in Turkish and contains 6 different departments: Anesthesia, Dental Prosthetics, Paramedics, Pathology Laboratory, Medical Imaging Techniques and Medical Laboratory.

Vocational School of Social Sciences

Web Page : http://sbmyo.marmara.edu.tr

The Social Sciences Vocational School, established in 1984 provides education in Turkish and has 8 different departments: Office Services and Secretariat; Foreign Trade; Financing, Banking and Insurance; Accounting and Tax; Marketing and Advertising; Travel-Tourism and Entertainment Services; Hotel, Restaurant and Hospitality Services; Administration and Organisation.

Vocational School of Technical Sciences

Web Page : http://tbmyo.marmara.edu.tr

The Technical Vocational School, established in 1991 provides education in Turkish and includes 11 departments: Press and Publication Technology, Computer Programming, Biomedical Instrument Technology, Electric, Electronic Communication Technology, Electronic Technology, Garment Production Technology, Jewelry and Accessories Design, Machine, Fashion Design and Water Products.

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