Dining Hall

As part of the dietary services of the university, lunch is given to all students and staff in all the institutes and departments, and an evening meal is also provided for the students and staff in evening education. These services, which are offered in all of the campuses, are provided by private catering companies, the cost of which is met from the university budget.

The menus are prepared by taking into account a balanced and nutritious diet by expert dieticians. The food offered in the campuses and in the dining halls is inspected by medico-social officials.

  • Students: 1.00.- TL
  • Administrative staff : 2.00.- TL
  • Academic personnel: 3.00.- TL
  • Guests: 5.00.- TL 


Approximately 850,000 people eat at the Göztepe Campus Dining Hall. Four different fixed menus are offered. On the Göztepe Campus there is a menu choice in the academic personnel dining hall and different salads are offered every day.

All aspects of the food services that are offered in the campuses are carried out by university personnel, from the service to inspection. In order to create a clean and hygienic environment the cafeterias were redecorated in the summer and the wooden benches in the student cafeterias were removed, being replaced by armchairs. The table cloths were replaced by more modern coverings that were in keeping with the university’s image.

At the Bahçelievler, Nişantaşı, Tarabya, Beyazıt, Anadolu Hisarı, Haydarpaşa, Şişli, Bağlarbaşı, Kartal, Acıbadem, Hospital Campuses the bid for catering was made in December and 4 dishes as a fixed menu was purchased from the catering company. On these campuses both lunch and an evening meal are provided for the evening education. In total, the number of people eating at these campuses is around 1,900,000.

The food provided by the catering firm is made in the kitchens on the Göztepe Campus, while on other campuses the food is made by the personnel in the company’s kitchen. The prepared food is brought to the campuses in thermoboxes that retain the heat and keep out air.

The prepared food that is brought to the campuses is distributed at the service hour. The food is kept warm and fresh in the ovens that are on the food service floors. Renovation of the depots was carried out to create a deep freeze storage area for frozen goods. The hours of food service have been determined by the Head Office, taking into account the lunch hour.



There are 7 cafeterias on the Anatolian side, with 6 being located on the European side, making a total of 13 cafeterias that provide service for the university students and personnel.

  • Göztepe Campus
  • Haydarpaşa Campus
  • Bağlarbaşı Campus
  • Anadolu Hisarı Campus
  • Acıbadem Campus
  • Kartal Campus
  • Hospital
  • Bahçelievler Campus
  • Nişantaşı Campus
  • Beyazıt Campus
  • Tarabya Campus
  • Sultanahmet Campus
  • Şişli Campus

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