Health Services Policies

The aims and duties of the centre are as below;

The centre analyzes existing systems and policies in the matter of the organization, presentations, financing and management of health services, collects data, and makes suggestions about solutions to health problems in Europe and Turkey, and develops health policies.

The centre gathers data about health systems in a number of countries, principally Central Asian republics, the Caucasus and Balkan countries, socio-demographic structures and health indicators; this data is then used to form a database.

The centre arranges scientific meetings, conferences and seminars to provide exchange of views, nationally and internationally, in the matter of Health Service Systems and Policies. The centre carries out research in planning and organizing health services in the solution of health problems nationally and regionally, and provides advisory services. The centre provides education opportunities to train experts in organization and presentation of health services, financing and management.

The centre works to develop ways to cooperate with the World Health Organization and other international and national institutions that are concerned with the subject. The centre publishes in Turkish and other languages and produces a journal on the subject of health policies.

Dr. Mehveş TARIM



M.U.Helath Sciences Faculty, Kartal Devlet Hast.Yanı E-5 Yanyol 34885 Cevizli Kartal Istanbul


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