Sports Facilities

The Large Multi-Purpose Sports Hall




Indoor Swimming Pool

The swimming pool on the Anadoluhisarı Campus is used for training and competing in swimming, water polo, underwater lifesaving, mono-pallet, canoeing, water ballet and other water sports. In this unit there is a VIP unit and a variety of classrooms, a cafeteria and the possibility to carry out competitive sports education and competitions.


Gymnastic Hall

This hall, in the Anadoluhisarı Campus, can be used for gymnastic lessons (rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, rhythmic education and dance, demonstration gymnastics, dance-music), and competitive sports.


Football and Athleticism Field

This football field, covered in artificial turf, measures 100x50 m and has stands to seat 3,000 people. This facility, with a 6-lane athleticism field, has changing rooms under the stands as well as classrooms. 


Fitness Hall

This hall, prepared with cooperation with sports scientists and the Sports Research and Implementation Center, has been set out with fitness equipment. Services are offered to the students and academic staff of the university as well as their families and the public with the healthy living activity programmes.


Tennis Courts

Two outdoor and one indoor tennis court offer an area for training and teaching tennis as well as giving the students and staff the opportunity to play tennis.

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