Health Services

The first place that our administrative and academic personnel, their spouses and children, and our students consult when they have medical problems is the medico-social service units. In addition to the centre located in Göztepe, there are other medico-social services on the Bağlarbaşı, Haydarpaşa, Acıbadem, Anadoluhisarı, Nişantaşı and Bahçelievler campuses.

The medico-social services, part of the Health, Culture and Sports Department, offer laboratory, x-ray, dental, treatment and medical dressing, psychological support and guidance and dietician services.

The problems presented by the students and personnel who apply to the related health units are first evaluated by the polyclinic doctors, who make the first diagnosis and treatment; if necessary the patient is transferred to hospital.

Medico-Social Centres and Employee Numbers

LocationNumber of Health Personnel
Göztepe Campus Mediko Centre 11
Haydarpaşa Campus Mediko Centre 2
Bağlarbaşı Campus Mediko Centre 2
Acıbadem Campus Mediko Centre 1
Bahçelievler Campus Mediko Centre 5
Nişantaşı Campus Mediko Centre 2
Anadoluhisarı Campus Mediko Centre 1

Medico-Social Services Distribution According To Year

Number of Patients Examined 37.961 43.833 33.708 33.423
Number of Tests Carried Out 3.308 2.645 1.079 1.283
Number of People Benefitting from Psychological and Guidance Services 883 1.666 1.661 1.783

Health Services Offered In Medico-Social Centres

Number of Polyclinics 32 1.050
Emergency Services 1 30
Laboratories 1 20
Radiology Area 1 10
Total Closed Medico Social Area 35 1.100

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