Ottoman History

The aims and duties of the centre are as below;

The centre educates on every matter that is concerned with Ottoman history, carrying out a variety of research and studies, holding academic meetings and publications in these matters, producing the scientific data on this matter, producing scientific data on the subject, and making suggestions for solutions. The centre supports and contributes to every type of academic research into the Ottomans, and to this end establishes libraries, archives and technical equipment as required. The centre cooperates with local and foreign private and state institutions in the matter of research into Ottoman History and carries out activities to this end, and carries out join projects and studies with local and foreign experts.  The centre works with every type of private and official persons in keeping with its aims and principles and produces and executes projects. The centre organizes and implements every type of course and seminar that will be of assistance in Ottoman research.

Dr.Süleyman BEYOĞLU

Dr.Bülent BAKAR


M.U.Science-Literature Faculty, Göztepe Campus, 34722 Kadıköy Istanbul


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