Marmara University carries out education on 8 campuses in Istanbul on both the Asian and European shores. The Acıbadem, Anadoluhisarı, Bağlarbaşı, Başıbüyük, Göztepe, Haydarpaşa, Kartal campuses are on the Asian shore, while the Bahçelievler, Sultanahmet, campuses are on the European shore.

The total area of the campuses is 617,782.9 m²; the largest is the Başıbüyük Campus with 181,754 m². The Göztepe Campus measures 153,394 m², while the Anadoluhisarı Campus measures 121,992 m² and Haydarpaşa Campus consists of 62,029 m². The smallest campuses consist of one individual building anda re the Şişli (170 m²), Beyazıt (525 m²) and Kartal (1,000 m²) campuses.

Acıbadem Campus

The Fine Arts Faculty and Fine Arts Institute are located here.


Anadoluhisarı Campus

Includes 4 departments of the Business Faculty

  • Business (German)
  • Business (English)
  • Business Informatics (German)
  • Business

4 political sciences departments

  • Public Administration
  • Public Administration (French)
  • Political Sciences and International Relations
  • Political Sciences and International Relations (English)

The Physical Education and Sports School in located here. 

Bağlarbaşı Campus

Theology Faculty, Istanbul Zeynep Kamil Health School and Theology Vocational School are located here.

Bahçelievler Campus

Includes 4 Departments of the Economic and Administrative Sciences Faculty

  • Econometry (Day and Evening Education)
  • Economics (Day and Evening Education)
  • Business (Turkish)
  • Finances (Day and Evening Education)

The Social Sciences Institute is located here


Başıbüyük Campus

The Gastroenterology Institute and Neurology Sciences Institute are located here.

Göztepe Campus

The Atatürk Education Faculty, Science-Literature Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Technical Education Faculty, Technological Faculty, Banking and Insurance School, Jewelry Technology and Design School, Foreign Languages School, Technical Vocational School, European Union Institute, Banging and Insurance Institute, Educational Sciences Institute, Science Institute, Turkiyat Research Institute, Islamic Economics and Finance Institute, Atatürk Principles and Reforms History Department and Turkish Language Department are located here.

Haydarpaşa Campus

The Pharmacy Faculty, one department of the Fine Arts Faculty, Law Faculty, Medical Faculty, Nursing School (which is being closed down at the present time), Justice Vocational School, Health Services Vocational School and the Health Sciences Institute are located here.

Kartal Campus

The Health Sciences Faculty is located here. 

Sultanahmet Campus

The Middle Eastern Research Institute is located here.

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