Traditional Handicrafts and Design Application and Research Center

The aims and duties are as follows;

The aim of the Traditional Handicrafts and Design Research and Implementation Centre is to research sources, identify and evaluate works, carry out studies that will protect handicrafts, to experiment and research on the development of contemporary handicrafts, and to carry out experimental and developmental studies for scientific, technical and artistic research in design. The centre researches and determines the spread in the country and the social and economic place of handicrafts with scientific methods; in addition, the centre evaluates traditional handicraft products from a scientific and artistic aspect. The centre establishes working groups for the research into, evaluation, development and restoration of handicrafts. The centre prepares projects concerned with handicrafts, industrial and product design and carries out cooperation with institutions in the public and private sectors. The centre realizes the demands of the public and private sectors for future design research and model development. In design, the centre carries out original design research, with the aim to rise above international levels. The centre holds congresses, symposiums, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and demonstrations on the matter of traditional handicrafts, and publishes/broadcasts written, spoken, audio and illustrated works.


Doç. Hakan ÇİLOĞLU



M.U.Fine Arts Faculty, Küçük Çamlıca Acıbadem 81018 Kadıköy Istanbul

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