Turkish-German Relations

The aims and duties of the centre are as below:

Working with a strong academic staff that is working in all the faculties, schools and institutes of Marmara University, first and foremost the departments that provide education in German:

a) to support academic studies that develop the multi-faceted relations that Turkey has with Germany, which occupies a special place in Turkey’s membership process; to make contributions to intensify academic studies in the area of economic, social, cultural and education that are concerned with this aim,

b) to develop joint projects with a variety of funds, first and foremost universities and other academic research institutes, to present services for a variety of public and private institutions in both countries and to play an active role in their implementation,

c) to present services to active academic studies, and first and foremost via cooperation between universities and industry, to offer services to chambers of commerce and foundations and societies that are working for the public good,

d) to carry out studies on the education of the large Turkish population in Germany, which acts as a bridge between the two countries, and to make contributions to the harmony of the two societies and to the Turkish-German relations of Turks living in Germany,

e) To publish periodicals and other sarticles that can evaluate the relationship between Turkey and Germany in the context of SSCI/AHCI.

Dr. Muzaffer DARTAN



M.U. European Union Institute, Göztepe Campus34722 Kadıköy Istanbul


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