Administrative Board

a. Establishment and Functions: The administrative board of the university is headed up by the rector, the deans and three professors selected every four years by the senate to represent the teaching units and departments.
The administrative board is convened upon the demand of the rector.
The assistant rectors may participate in the administrative board, but they have no vote.

b. Duties: The administrative board of the university carries out the duties below as an advisory organ for the recto in administrative functions:

  1. The board assists the rector in the implementation of decisions by the Higher Educational Council and the senate, in keeping with determined plans and programmes, 
  2. In order to implement the plans and programmes of activities, taking into consideration the suggestions of units affiliated with the university, the administrative board examines the budget draft and presents this to the rector with their own suggestions,
  3. The board makes decisions on matters that the rector presents concerned with the administration of the university,
  4. The board examines objections made to dcisions by the faculties, institutes and school administrations and arrive at a final and binding decision on the matter, 
  5. The board carries out the other duties given to it according to Law No. 2547.


Administrative Board

Dr. Erol ÖZVAR Rector
Dr. Mustafa KURT Vice Rector
Dr. Mustafa ÇELEN Vice Rector
Dr. Ömer AKGİRAY Vice Rector
Dr. Seyfi KENAN Dean Acting Atatürk Education Faculty
Dr. Yasemin ÖZKAN Dean Acting of the Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. Hatice KÜBRA ELÇİOĞLU Dean Acting the Pharmacy Faculty
Dr. Sebahat DENİZ Dean Acting Arts and Sciences Faculty
Dr. Emre İKİZLER Dean Acting the Fine Arts Faculty
Dr. Mehmet AKMAN Dean of the Law Faculty
Dr. Sadullah ÇELİK Dean of the Economics Faculty
Dr. İ. Safa ÜSTÜN Dean Acting the Theology Faculty
Dr. Mustafa KURT Dean Acting of the Communication Faculty
Dr. Hakan YILDIRIM Dean Acting the Business Faculty
Dr. Murat DOĞRUEL Dean Acting the Engineering Faculty
Dr. Mustafa Osman ISIKAN Dean Acting the Technical Education Faculty
Dr. Hasan ERDAL Dean of the Technology Faculty
Dr. Ömer GÜNAL Dean Acting the Medical Faculty
Dr. Mehveş TARIM Dean Acting the Health Sciences Faculty
Dr. Nail YILMAZ Dean of the Political Sciences Faculty
Dr. Ali KIZILET Dean Acting of the Sport Sciences
Dr. Gül ÜSTÜN Member
Dr. M. Kemal SAYAR Member
Dr. Erişah ARICAN Member

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