The Department of Library and Documentation, which was established with Marmara University, fulfills the duty of “access to information”, which has a vital importance in the modern world, in the most rapid and accurate manner. Today, in addition to the Central Library there are a number of departmental libraries in different campuses serving the academic staff and students of Marmara University.

The libraries carry out advanced studies in electronic information resources, which are indispensable from the aspect of modern information services. Marmara University Department of Library and Documentation is one of the largest subscribers to on-line databases and ANKOS (Anadolu University Library Consortium), thus providing access to on-line databases as well as e-journals, e-books, and allowing users to access the internet from any computer.


Number of Books and Periodicals in the Library

Number of periodicals in the university library 661
Number of electronic databases in the university library 63
Number of electronic periodicals in the university library 62.799
Number of electronic books in the university library 2.023.970
Number of printed books in the university library 224.675
Number of postgraduate theses in the university library 27.312
Average hours that the library is open per week 61 hour


Number of Books Purcahsed in 2011

Number of Foreign Language Books Purchased 265
Number of Turkish Books Purchased 264
Number of Audio-Visual Materials 834
Number of Foreign Language Periodicals Purchased  467
Number of Turkish Periodicals Purchased 141
Number of Foreign Language Electronic Databases Purchased  49
Number of Turkish Electronic Databases Purchased  5
Number of Electronic Publications  397.000 pages
Number of Bound Books 1600

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