Edu. of Htn. and Atherosclerosis

The aim and duties of the centre are as below;

Hypertension is one of the most frequently-encountered diseases in the world and in Turkey, and is a risk factor in a number of diseases, including heart conditions, strokes and kidney failure. In Turkey, the occurrence of hypertension is increasing in young adults and children. For this reason, hypertension and the diseases caused by hypertension are in fact a social health matter. Today it has been suggested that international professional institutions and societies should deal with hypertension, in a medical and social sense, in a widespread, planned and multidiscipline manner. The aim of the centre is to carry out hypertension and atherosclerosis scientific research, education and services and to participate in the same; to follow current scientific developments, to manage, project and conclude basic and clinical research, to support research, to train scientists, and to cooerpate with other scientific institutions. These efforts not only produce academic information but also make a contribution to improving public health.


Dr. Ali Serdar Fak

Dr. Ahmet AKICI

+90 216 421 44 33 


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