Marmara University Extraordinary Senate Decisions on 2022-2023 Academic Year Spring Semester


Decisions taken in the Extraordinary Meeting of Marmara University Senate

Meeting no.: 434  -   Meeting date: 21.02.2023


1- Foreign Language Preparatory Education, Associate Degree, Undergraduate, Postgraduate Programs and Pedagogical Formation Programs shall be carried out on the basis of distance education (online and offline) during the Spring term of the Academic Year 2022-2023.


2- In the context of the Framework Regulation Concerning Applied Training in Higher Education, students enrolled in the following programs receiving Vocational Training in Institutions and those taking the Teaching Practice course may take their applied courses on a face-to-face training basis and their theoretical courses on the basis of distance education:

    a- 4th, 5th and 6th year students enrolled in the School of Medicine,

    b- 4th and 5th year students enrolled in the Faculty of Dentistry,

    c- 5th year students enrolled in the Faculty of Pharmacy,

    ç- The students enrolled in term (+1) of the Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences and Vocational School of Applied Sciences implementing a (7+1) program

    d- 4th year students of the Faculty of Health Sciences,

    e- Students enrolled in the Atatürk Faculty of Education, Faculty of Sports Sciences and Faculty of Theology and taking the Teaching Practice course.


3- Applied courses and the application components of the applied courses shall be postponed and their teaching modes shall be reevaluated in April, 2023 and our students shall be informed in line with the decision to be taken by the Council of Higher Education.

4- Of the students enrolled in the universities located in the earthquake-hit cities and students whose first-degree relatives reside in earthquake-hit cities although they are themselves enrolled in universities located in other cities, those who are to continue their applied training as defined in Article 2, shall be entitled to the following educational options upon their demand, without being subject to the conditions in the Marmara University Directive for Special Students:

    a- They may continue their education as a Special Student in the equivalent degree programs in our University.

    b- They will not be required to pay any additional tuition fees in case they continue their education in our University.

    c- The applications of Special Students shall be accepted for a period of 3 (three) weeks following the starting date of the programs.


5- Upon their demand, students enrolled in the Degree programs for the Spring term of the Academic Year 2022-2023 shall be allowed to suspend their studies and it has been decided that the period of suspension will not count in the maximum term for education. The applications for the Suspension of Studies shall be accepted for a period of 3 (three) weeks following the starting date of the program.



6- Students who are enrolled in Associate Degree and Undergraduate programs and are entitled to graduation but have not yet completed their internship, may complete their obligatory internship on a face-to-face basis in the related institutions.


7- PhD Thesis Proposal Meetings, PhD Thesis Supervisory Board Meetings, PhD Qualifying Exams and Postgraduate Thesis Defenses may be carried out online in line with the Board Decisions of the related Institutes.


8- The decision regarding Distance Education shall be reconsidered by the Council of Higher Education in April, 2023 and education-training processes shall be redesigned pursuant to the decisions to be taken.

Marmara University Rectorate 

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