SABIOTEK Digital Transformation Workshop in Health Held

'Digital Transformation Workshop in Health' organized by the Joint Application and Research Center of Biotechnology Excellence in Health (SABIOTEK), which was established with the cooperation of Turkey's three leading research universities, Marmara University, Yıldız Technical University and Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa, was hosted by Marmara University. It was held on Wednesday, April 3, at Mehmet Genç Complex.

Prof. Dr. While Rabia Çakır, Deputy Chairman of the Turkish Health Institutes, thanked the universities for leading such an important project in the opening speech of the workshop and stated students will always be supported for participating in the project.

Yıldız Technical University Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz told the young people who attended the workshop, and said “These breakthroughs are what we all need. You produce great things, we give endless support to them. "One of your responsibilities is to raise your head and walk a little taller in the field of health biotechnology because you are leaders and pioneers." 

Istanbul University – Cerrahpaşa Rector Prof. Dr. In his speech, Nuri Aydın stated that hospitals should be digitalized for the service provided by healthcare professionals to be faster, more reliable and of higher quality, and that he shared the joy of being here to talk about the road map for this digitalization. Marmara University Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt said, “The fact that the digital transformation in health will be discussed today with many valuable scientists under this roof will provide the opportunity to make a self-criticism in some aspects, and most importantly, it will ensure that this transformation takes place where it is needed more. As both an academician and a person, I am more excited about the innovative and benefit-oriented scientific studies carried out in the field of health. With the belief that a strong project like SABIOTEK will achieve success far beyond the targeted results, I would like to thank all our project workers and colleagues who made this workshop possible.” 

In the foyer hall of the workshop, participants were offered the opportunity to access the same physical laboratories in the virtual environment where Marmara University and University College London students study.