The duties, authorities and responsibilities of the university are set out in Law No. 2547, Law of Higher Education, dated 04.11.1981. 
The duties as an institute of higher education, according to the aim and main principles of Law No. 2547, the Law of Higher Education, are:

  • To offer training-education, academic research and publication and advisory services at a variety of levels rooted in secondary education, in keeping with the needs of society and the principles and aims of developmental plans within an order based on contemporary civilization and education – teaching principles,
  • To train the manpower from various branches and quantities needed by the country, in keeping with the plans and programmes carried out by the Higher Educational Council and in keeping with the national educational policies and the principles and aims of the developmental plans, using the university’s own economic power and financial resources in a rational, productive and economic way, 
  • To broadcast information through oral, written and other means that enlightens the Turkish public and which raises their standards of living, 
  • To provide education for society via formal, widespread, continuous and open education, particularly in the fields of modernization of industry and agriculture, 
  • To examine problems concerning the advance and development of the country’s scientific, cultural, social and economic aspects, to work in cooperation with other institutions, to make suggestions to public institutions on the matter of carrying out education and research, and to share ideas and solutions arrived at as a result of research and studies requested by public institutions,
  • Within the mobilization of education-teaching, to take measures that ensure contributions to institutions which provide formal, widespread, continuous and open education services,
  • To train career operatives in keeping with the development and needs of agriculture and industry in the country and to make a contribution to the development of knowledge, to carry out, implement and participate in programs and studies that will increase production and encourage modernization in industry, agriculture and health services, to carry out cooperation with the relevant institutions and to make constructive suggestions to solve environmental problems,
  • To produce, develop, use and spread educational technology,
  • To develop the principles of education-teaching that are inherent in the implementation of higher education, to establish a revolving capital fund, to introduce the necessary regulations concerned with productive working and other similar activities.



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