As a New Vision Of Marmara University “Research University”

As a New Vision Of Marmara University :
“Research University”

Within the framework of the vision announced by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Marmara University was entitled to be a research university in the strategy document declared by our President of CoHE.
Besides this development has made the short, medium and long-term working model and approaches of our university more clear and giving us all great excitement, it has also brought new responsibilities for our country and our institution.
This new vision of our university requires strong communication and cooperation, especially with our students and graduates. In this context, we will create strong leadership to contribute to our future with a common vision, both with our graduates and our students, who are the future of our country.
As a university, we will work with all our strength in close cooperation with all our stakeholders. We will develop important and effective projects on the way to becoming a research university, and we will accelerate our efforts to train leaders in the fields of business, science, technology, politics and art.
We will immediately initiate a holistic structuring so that our country can compete with major economies and lead efforts to develop industrial, advanced and value-added technology.
In this new process, our basic approach is to fulfill our responsibilities for the future of our country in the best way by working effectively, efficiently and result-based with all our stakeholders. I would respectfully request your information that we will act with the responsibility of fulfilling this valuable mission, which has been awarded to our University, with the mechanisms and working models we will develop with our lecturers, administrative staff, students, business world, NGOs and international institutions.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt

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