ders BELGELİĞİ The 6th painting and 13th Pattern Design Competition Award Ceremony Was Held

ders BELGELİĞİ 6th Painting Competition awards were given to Selin Yağmur Sönmez, Sinan Orakçı and Melis Vatan and the 13th Pattern Design Competition Award was received by Doğa Ünyaylar.

ders BELGELİĞİ has been organizing drawing competitions since 2005 and painting competitions since 2012. Painting competitions are only open to workshop students and graduates from Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education Department of Fine Arts Education Department. However, students from other educational institutions can enter the pattern design competition. The works that earn the right to be in the exhibit are displayed on the internet.

Unlike other art competitions, ders Belgeliği competitions aim to create a critical thinking space in which an assessment is made within the workshop rather than creating a competitive space among students. In these competitions there is no material award, the awards consist of cups with the course logo, handmade watches, saplings produced throughout the year by ders BELGELİĞİ sub-branches and certificates of service. The jury consists of students and graduates who have won awards in previous competitions.