'Sector Conversations' Seminar Was Held in the Marmara University  

The seminar organized for the first time this year by the Academic Development Unit, which brings together Marmara University stakeholders and successful and prominent names of various sectors on current issues, took place on Wednesday, March 6.

The event titled "Sector Conversations" " organized in cooperation with the Academic Development Unit and Electrical-Electronics Engineering Club (EEMK) and where by Necati Ersen Siseci, Turkcell Security Management & Architecture Associate Director and Sebahattin Babur, Artificial  Intelligence and Machine Learning team leader, participated as a speakers, was held in the Faculty of Technology, Marmara University.  

At the seminar, Sebahattin Babur explained Matlab solutions in model-based design and artificial intelligence and gave information about their application fields.  Sharing his experiences and knowledge on cyber security, Necati Ersen Siseci also presented examples from the study areas of the subject. The  "Sector Conversations" seminar was held interactively with students' questions and participation.

At the end of the seminar, Necati Ersen Siseci and Sebahattin Babur were presented their gifts and certificates by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Emin Kuzucuoğlu, Head of the  Faculty Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department, and Assoc. Prof. Nazmi Ekren, Academic Development Unit Coordinator.