Faculty Of Medicine Has Opened Its Doors To Potential Students And Their Families

In the presentations made within the framework of the presentation, the education system of the faculty was explained thoroughly. In presentations which were attended by Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Hakan Gündüz and Deputy Dean Dr. Ümit Şehirli questions of the students were answered. Speaking in order to illuminate the students Prof.Dr. Hakan Gündüz said The dialogue between the faculty members and the students in our system is very good and our success rate in the exam of the profession (TUS) is very high. We are a growing medical faculty in communication with medical faculties around the world. This year we have given our 31st-semester graduates. We have 4,000 graduates; they are holding effective positions in various parts of the world. We rank first in many areas of expertise. We are economically better than most public universities.” 

In addition, the candidates, within the promotion days had the opportunity to visit the faculty building and the classrooms.