Marmara University Welcomed Architect Hakan Kıran.

Architect Hakan Kıran, who was appeared as a speaker  on the programme that was  organized  by Marmara University Rectorship  at Conference Hall of Sultanahmet Campus  on Tuesday 16 December, evaluated the some architectural structures from past to present  when he  described  “Halic Metro Bridge”. 

At organized event, it included  the names like Prof.Dr.Uğur Yozgat, Head of Department of Business;  Assist.Prof.M.Volkan Türker, Head of Business Department of Human Resources; Hayrettin Eryılmaz, Chairman of Executive Board of  Marmara University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Alumni Association; Mustafa Şeker, Chairperson of the Eyüp Branch for Istanbul Merchants and Craftsmen Business Association (ISEDER); Yavuz Arslan, Council member of  Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Besides these names, there was the participation to the programme from the Indonesian Consulate General,  Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Istanbul Provincial Directorate and Municipalities. Assoc.Prof.Fatma Ayanoğlu Şişman, Co-Head of Department of Business, also  contributed to  the organization at the given conference.


Hakan Kıran, who  the undersigned of many  architectural project, began to his speech by talking about the  building process of Haliç Metro Bridge. Saying that he works with the best explorers of soil in the world, he highlighted of the necessity that  the construction  must be built on a sound basis. In the advice of the other architects  concerning  the bridge, he said there are  the warning that  the bridge may damage to the silhouette of the historical peninsula if it occupies  the more  space.

Hakan Kıran mentioned that  architecture  is not a pure dream  and  with his words “I made it with handling” he caught attention  that the architecture is  the profession based on the self-sacrifice. Being remembered  with his many works like  Perili Kosk (Haunted House)  and Mydonose Showland, he added he has worked on the projects like “Kabatas Port Restoration”. 

Hakan Kıran said that  problems  were solved even though the lacks of communication in the agreement which was signed in 1985 with UNESCO in order to protect the historical peninsula caused impediments of the building of the "Halic Metro Bridge” .

The programme ended  with the presentation of plaque and the cocktail in pursuit of  participant questions  were answered.