Future Shakers Panel Held

The panel organized by the Disabled Student Unit on the occasion of the Teachers' Day was held on 25th November at İbrahim Üzümcü Conference Hall.

Together with the  Unimpeded Marmara Club and the Special Education Community and to emphasize lovely committed teachers, Disabled Student Unit celebrated the Teachers' Day with the attendance of nearly  200 prospective teachers and students from different departments.  

In the panel, they organized to emphasize the love and dedication that make the difference and the foundation of teaching. The opening speech of the panel was made by the Coordinator of the Disabled Student Unit Lecturer  Zuhal Pek. “Profession of teaching shoulders a great responsibility because it prepares for and integrates into the individual for society, she added.  She said that the person who would take this serious responsibility should be in love and dedicated to her/his profession.

The moderator of the panel  Assoc. Prof. Aydan Aydın emphasized in her speech that a  real teacher is a person who can give education and training with devotion and to integrate students into life without distinguishing them.

Turkish Autism Support and Education Foundation Board Member and  Vice President of Federation of Autism Associations Tolga Gökçe and his daughter Ceren Gökçe talked about the problems relating class teachers and students’ parents they experienced during elementary school period and their stabilities against these problems.   She said that her 13-year-old daughter, who speaks eight languages, has reached a  breaking point in the success of her education life thanks to her teacher Cemil Gülcan. Gökçe also stated that there are still difficulties in getting efficiency from the Autism Action Plan, where they produce solutions with NGOs and academics.