The First Three of Jewelery Design Contest are From Our University

In the contest which its  theme was determined as “ Speaking Nature” for the reason  that humanity damage the nature through  both industrialization and their  unconscious consumption, Canan USTA won first prize “The Nature in the shade of Urban” . Cemresu ERDOĞAN was awarded second prize for “Interference to the Nature”, Beritan KOBULAN  was given the third prize for ”Convicted Nature” while Müge Mükerrem DEĞER took the prize of   Mansiyon with her working named “three element of the Nature” . Among 52 competitors, our three student who ranked  in the contest became entitled to go to the Vicanzaro 2015 İtaly Expo and to convert their desig to the products.  

Among the juries of the contest were the  following:   4C  Engineering Board Chairman Sedat KURTARAN, Ariş Diamond Board Chairman Kerim Güzeliş, İKO Education Commission Chairman Murat Turaç, Designer Hraç Aslanyan, Designer Zeynep Güven, Kocaeli University Lecturer Assist.Prof. Nilgün Keskin Şener, M.U. Jewelery Technology and Design High School (MÜ.T.T.T.Y.O) Deputy Manager Gülhan Acar Büyükpehlivan, MÜ.T.T.T.Y.O Instructor Çimen Bayburtlu and jewelery designer Sevan Bıçakçı.